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Using Drafting Film To Create Unique Designs

Drafting film, which may also be referred to as Mylar film, is a strong, durable polyester sheet which can be used in printers and for pen or pencil drawings. It has a variety of applications especially within the design and industrial sectors and it can be applied to a variety of different materials and products creating a unique and sometimes innovative look. While drafting film is most often used for the addition of design it may also be used exactly as is in order to offer a protective film over items like identity cards or glass items.

Using Polyester Film With Other Materials

One of the greatest benefits of drafting film is that other materials or coatings can be applied to the film giving it more protective or decorative properties. For example, when used in glazing, polyester film can be made to be UV resistant while the same film is used in electronics and even medical packaging because it is not only durable but offers users the capability to customize it exactly to their needs.

Excellent Durability

Polyester film is highly durable; specialist printing film can be used in laser printers in order to apply the desired design without damage being caused by the printing process. In a similar fashion, the film can be customized with pen or pencil drawings and the durability of the material means that errors can be corrected and the film can be used again and again until the design is exactly as required.

Clear Drafting Film

The clear properties of drafting film make it beneficial for a range of artistic and design purposes. It can be applied to Perspex, glass, and other materials in order to add sheen and a unique design. Laser printer film can be fully customized with the look that you want and this can then be simply and quickly added to the product you're creating.

Choosing The Right Film

Polyester film is also suitable for artistic use without applying it to other materials. The clear film can look truly stunning once customized with your own design and because of the variety of different types, strengths, and thicknesses, you can be assured of getting the Mylar film or polyester film that most closely fulfils your needs.

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Drafting Film

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This article was published on 2011/01/04