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The film is a coated material with a material that is sensitive to light and hence, does its job of capturing the images well. There can be number of dimensions in which a film can is available in the market and the film development centres are the major or the sole purchasers of the same. A film can with accurate dimensions comes in very handy to store a film that is sensitive and gets damaged if exposed to the extreme temperatures or conditions.

The vented film cans are a better version of ordinary film cans as there is a natural arrangement of air circulation inside the can which proves very effective to protect the film stored in it. Such a film can is available in the dimensions of inside diameter of as less as 12 inches and range up to slightly more than 14 inches. There are carefully placed holes in the vented film cans that let the outside air to enter the can and curb the chances of temperature rise inside the can. In some designs a small space is left unoccupied by the film so that the air moving in that space extends a cushioning effect for the film and it doesn’t gets brushed with the can. The edges of the film doesn’t damaged in such designs of vented film cans.

A film can is usually made up of an inert polymer called polypropylene which is the best material to make such storage canisters due to its desirable properties such as high durability, low cost and negligible reactivity with the sensitive material of the films. The design that will suit best for any kind of film of various dimensions is the one which has the provision of keeping it stable inside it, do not gather moisture and is well ventilated for a smooth exchange of inside heat and outside air. It is always better to opt for a film can that is neither of very large dimensions nor very small one. In either of these cases of an excessive space or less space in a canister can lead to frequent friction of the very sensitive film and there are chances that the content stored in it will get distorted. Most of the designs contain a lid on the canister which do not seal the can completely and is also removable. One must choose an appropriate film can to protect his film from rusting and any other damage.


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Get High Quality Film services for the best film

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Get High Quality Film services for the best film

This article was published on 2013/08/30