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At the beginning of the summer of 2009, the shooting of the Mighiss came to its end. The film was produced by Bravo productions and directed by filmmaker resident in Marrakech Jamal Belmajdoub, and has been financed with Moroccan and European capital.

Belmajdoub has been dreaming about this project for over two years and now he can finally see his dream being realised: to tell a story based on true events about the war between Spanish and Riffs at the beginning of the 20th century. Belmajdoub states that "It is a film that condemns war more than any other thing. During the shooting of the film I have thought about the atrocities committed in Gaza".

Mighiss (which means "intelligence" or "audacity) is in fact a film on love and war that portrays the difficult situation lived by the inhabitants of villages on the Riff Mountains due to the offensive of the Spanish army commanded by a sadistic officer, whose only objective is to conquer the area, even though this implies devastating villages or killing and torturing innocent people.

Special effects, hundreds of extras and explosions are guaranteed in this war film. In any case, and as we have already mentioned, there is also space for romanticism and eroticism in this film, which to some extent contrasts the two different ways of living love in the two cultures portrayed: the Spanish and the Riff.

The production of this film has enjoyed the presence of several Spanish actors and actresses, such as Roberto Cerdá, Javier Rey, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Mélida Molina y Alicia Murillo. The whole Spanish cast share their ideas on the great differences between the working ways and conditions in Spain and Morocco. They point out that, regardless of the means enjoyed by Moroccan productions, the pace of work is different. There is also a great enthusiasm and a wish to overcome obstacles that has greatly motivated the European artists.

Almost the whole shooting was filmed outdoors, specifically in rural areas on the mountains near the city of Fez, during the month of July, a fact that made working conditions quite hard, mostly due to the suffocating heat. Despite all the difficulties, the whole team worked always with excitement and interest, and the result of this enthusiasm has undoubtedly been reflected on the images of Mighiss, which will be premiered after the summer 2009 on the big screen. The film was shot in two languages, Spanish and Riff, and will be subtitled for respect to its original version.

This is filmmaker Jamal Belmajdoub's second full-length film. His first one was Moroccan Dream, although he has also directed several projects for TV, such as Class 8.

If you want to enjoy fully the film world in Morocco, you should visit Marrakech, which is the Moroccan Film Mecca, with its renowned International Film Festival, its numerous and assiduous film stars and the nearby incredible film studios in Ouarzazate.

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Mighiss - A Moroccan Film

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