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There are many different fields to choose from within game. Many newcomers start off choosing the acting area when they start. It is the most visible of the mediums and the one most people are familiar with, usually because they have done plays in high school.

A lot goes into making a film, so being an actor is not your only option if you want a career in the entertainment biz. Have you ever watched the credits of a movie or TV show? Did you see all those people that they are giving credit too? Those are jobs in the business that you could get and not have to be in front of the camera.

Do You Want to Be an Actor? — It’s fun, it really is. Acting can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. You need to start acting in anything you can as soon as you can. It will only help you in the long run. A head-shot and resume are in your future as well and there are many different books and web sites that can help you with that.

College Acting Programs — A great start to an acting career is to go to college and enter the Theater or Film program. It’s a great way to learn your craft and meet people that have the same career aspirations as you, which is great for networking the rest of your life.

Acting Classes — There are 10′s of 1000′s of independent acting schools you can attend if you are not interested in a traditional college program. Many of these programs are taught by seasoned professionals and highly respected, so don’t think going to a college is the only way to go.

Acting Method — Most acting techniques are variations of the Stanislavski system. They have just been slightly altered by different people over the years. They are all good, so check them out see which one you are most comfortable with.

Film School to LEarn Your Craft– Maybe you don’t want to be in front of the camera. Well, go to film school and try your hand behind the lens. These schools will teach you every aspect of film making from lighting to directing.

NYU Film School – Often considered the best. If you get in here, you are playing with the big boys.

Agents — Agents are a must to keep your acting career going. There is no way around it if you are goingto be an actor. But, hey, maybe you want to be an agent? Go for it! It can be a very rewarding job if you do it right.

Write a Screnplay or TV Show — Many have found out they are better at writing than acting. Try it. You may just find out that’s the way to go.

It’s hard, but it can be a fun and fulfiling way to make a living. Try some of the behind the scene jobs in Hollywood if acting doesn’t do it for you, but you still want to work in the industry.

Educating yourself about Movie making is easy. Click the text to get more information about stuff like NYU film school.

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Top Film Schools

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This article was published on 2011/01/09