Why People Keep Watching Romance Films

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Nothing can be better than going to the theater and getting mushy about the latest romantic movie on the big screen. You see your favorite actor or actress falling in love, and it gets your heart pounding, thinking it can also happen in real life. Usually, the movie’s theme is the just same, with a slight tweaking in the plot, yet people keep coming back to watch. Why is that so?

Romance films have love stories as their central plots, with two characters falling in love with each other. It shows them on a journey to find love, with hardships, like illnesses, racial difference, even one character’s family, thrown at them to test their determination. These hardships usually add tension to the story, and make a seemingly linear plot turn into something more interesting.

The romantic genre also often explores one of several common themes, like forbidden love, love at first sight, destiny, sex, and tragedy. These films serve as inspiration for other people, especially when the couple in the film overcomes their difficulties and lives “happily ever after”. However, not all films end happily, with some being so tragic that it moves audiences and inspires them more.

Many entries on the best films of all time are romance films. Despite being older than one’s parents, some have stood the test of time because of their plot, the magic they have among viewers, and the powerful cliché lines that remain popular to this day. And with the power of Internet today, it is possible to watch these classics as free streaming movies online, so one can experience the magic for themselves.

One watches romance films not only for inspiration, but also for escape. They remind viewers about the experience of love, and let them forget about the harsh reality that romance is different in the real world. This is why a lot of people watch free streaming movies online again and again, to experience the selfless love these films depict.

The best thing about romantic films is the idealism in them. The never-say-die attitude of the characters and the determination they show just for love are truly inspiring. They allow people to connect emotionally, and even become better couples after watching a film at the theater or through free streaming movies online. That kind of magic simply makes everyone watch romance films again and again.

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Why People Keep Watching Romance Films

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Why People Keep Watching Romance Films

This article was published on 2011/09/29